Ofsted revised CIF & Prevent Duty – Is your Safeguarding Effective?

The revised Ofsted Common Inspection Framework (CIF) has a greater emphasis on Safeguarding.

Inspectors will report on –The effectiveness of safeguarding’ – one of  the key judgements of the short Section 8 Inspections

It makes specific reference to the need to have safeguarding arrangements to promote pupils’ welfare to prevent radicalisation & extremism and has the potential to jeopardise your previous grade .

We can provide training and development for all staff, including leaders & governors, to raise awareness and understanding of  –

  • Extremism (all forms)
  • Radicalisation/Grooming
  • Channel – referral process
  • Promotion of British Values
  • Challenging extreme views/ideology – counter narratives
  • Policies, Procedures, Risk Assessment, Action Plans

We can provide bespoke in-house CPD training packages or external events  to  help you meet Ofsted requirements

Contact us now – we’re happy to discuss your individual requirements

We also offer Cyberbullying and E-Safety Achievement of our Ofqual accredited Level 2 qualification or CPD will enhance staff awareness & confidence on these topics.

  • Social Media – Teens’ online lives
  • Online Risks – Cyberbullying, Grooming, Sexual Exploitation
  • Support, Action, Reporting

Check out our website and events for more detailed information

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